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Ben Pakulski

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Ben Pakulski

I have developed a deep desire to constantly be striving for more! Greatness in every aspect of life.
I believe that if we are not growing as people that we are dying. My life consists of doing something every day to improve each aspect of my whole being.
The sport of Bodybuilding has become one of my true passions in life, and I strive to be the best in the world.
I believe in taking an intelligent, educated approach to the sport. The body is one of the most complex structures that exists, and attempting to optimize every aspect of it without careful examination and study seems like time wasted.
I am constantly trying to learn more. Always open to help or guidance.
My most recent endeavour is working toward optimizing what I call my “mental game”. Within every person exists an unchangeable core of beliefs, standards, morals, and this core is greatly influenced by our modern society and media. MY quest is to get back to the core that exists within and prevent anything or situation from sending me off track. Something as simple as how we react to traffic, or that there may be that one person in your life that “just rubs you the wrong way”, these things send us off track from who we really are and prevent us from living a life of self mastery.
Wake up every morning, say thank you for everything single thing in your life. Whether you believe it to be “good” or “bad” and then set the goal of sticking to your unchangeable core being. One day at a time.

Ben Pakulski



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