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Do you feel unique?

On the Digital Universe, everyone struggles for a place in the sun. To be seen, to be heard, to communicate. Most people and companies are continuous tough a race to get publicity and interaction with other persons in the whole world. Internet has made this interaction easy through Globalization. Some people are not pleased with this situation, but this is another discussion. We do not even realize, that our message can be transferred to the four edges of the world, with just a simple procedure. It’s your powerful multiplier. Internet is a very powerful tool and like all other things, it can be used for good and ban purposes. It’s all about the user, the right decision and the final audience.

Online Universe has become huge and chaotic. Once upon a time, it was a fun playground for specialized groups of geeks, but at the moment it’s a mainstream place, where companies are fishing for potential clients. We, marketers and specialists, named it “buzz” or “noise”, and now we strive to make our clients “step out of the crowd” and be unique. There are two important questions for everyone to answer.

  1. Are you updated? : Are you interested in your current online presence? Do you regularly update your website and your social media platforms? Do you sent regular emails to your audience? How often your name pops up in front of the eyes of your target group?
  2. What can someone find in you, which nobody else has? : Of course, you don’t have to invent the wheel to be successful, but you need to step out of the pricing contest and give something different. Otherwise our world would be a place with just few companies providing business based on the price. You should always give your unique proposition, your expertise, your experience, your know-how, your interest to the people.

People need to be informed about your message. Crowds need clear messages and not fake news. Old ways of advertising, don’t work anymore. In the age of information, only the honesty and truth can guide you. You can do a simple thing, but you can do it like an expert and give the extra “wow” factor. Ratings, points and stars of your community will reward you and make you known for your product or service. You cannot promote something without substance, because “all bubbles pop, sooner or later”. You cannot wait for people just to know about your services or your product, without promotion.

Always remember the human factor. Don’t look the people as wallets. If you provide something that has value, they will gladly pay for it. They are the final decision makers and have feelings. Show interest, offer them a solution to their everyday lives and believe me, it will be a win-win case. Speak their language in a normal way, with formality, academic speeches do not convince anyone nowadays. Communicate your message in a proper way, through the right channels and in a meaningful order. Trust the professionals who know the right way to touch your audience in the digital universe!

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